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About Us

We at netRoute are pioneers of bringing new technology solutions and knowledge to our clients. Founded in 2015. We have evolved over the years to develop excellence in the areas of business IT consulting and educational consulting.

Our dedicated team of experts within our consulting divisions comprise of industry, system/ solution architects, technology experts, researchers, academic writers and scholars to provide high quality solutions to all our clients.

netRoute’s Business IT Consulting division supports SMB/SMEs to achieve competitiveness and grow using latest technology through our affordable solutions. Our approach to technology management and implementation is based on our expertise in business information systems and new technology implementation for enabling business IT operations. Some of our expertise areas include cloud solutions, Manage IT Solutions, Technology roll-outs, Network Management, Server Management, IT Audit, Security solutions, business intelligence, and so on.

netRoute’s Educational Consulting division provides subject specific knowledge, expertise and support to academic scholars and researchers. Our solutions in this domain support academic clients or students to successfully complete their academic/ research projects, assignments and homework. Our academic experts provide solutions for laboratory questions, practical work and theoretical and research writing services. Our core strength in this area is to provide plagiarism free academic content and ensure high scores for our students.


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    Netroute Technologies is an innovative organization. It has been established in year of 2015.
  • 02.
    We started our journey as Technical Training provider, where the Idea was to fill the Gap between Education and Industry.
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    During our perusal of this noble goal. It has been observed by management that Quality solution related to Technology implementation for SME is missing. This leads company to focus towards technology consultation segment for SMEs.
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    Today netRoute Technologies is providing State of Art Technology solution to its clients in Europe and Asia continent.

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