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netRoute Techologies always seek talented people. If you have talent in Technology domain we are here to serve you the platform where you get plenty of work. We encourage freelance working model and invite all the professionals who are finding platform to showcase their technical skills.

So why to join us as freelancer!!!!

  • Freelancing gives you challenging environment, which you cannot get in monotonous Job
  • Flexible timing: We provide the deadline of project, Expert need to complete the project with in deadline. There is no Fix time for your work. You can choose your time of work.
  • Unlimited Earning: You can raise your earning graph as per your capability. It’s you who decide your income.
  • Controlled Workload: The amount of work you commence is up to you.

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Area of Service


Work from home / freelance work: It is Lockdown Proof job. Your location does not matter at all. You just need Laptop, Internet connection and some specific tools to complete your project or assignment.

Work as per your convenience

It is always your choice if you would like to work or not. You may choose to work at your comfortable time. But you also need to ensure timely delivery of solution.


Domain Expertise: To work with us you need to ensure that you have atleast one domain expertise from the list of domains.

You control your work load

You can choose how many projects you want to work simultaneously or even you can choose if you want to work or not.

Permanent Source of income

Working with us ensure you that you will get projects and assignments from your domain. By choosing the work you are able to generate handsome amount of side income. Many of our dedicated experts made this profession their Main business and earning lots of money.

English Writing

Your English competency does matters a lot, as almost 90% of projects need to have Reporting section, where you are required to provide report of your work. It is expected that your English is well groomed and it does have appealing comments and statements.

Academic writing style

You must know academic writing styles, referencing & citation style as all reports of projects/ assignment must include the references and citation. Well Known Writing styles are APA, IEEE, Harward, MLA etc.


Dedication is the key to success in any field. This field also requires your dedication towards maintaining your quality of content as well as you need to ensure the deadline. Violating Deadline may harm your profile.

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